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CurrencyNet - a small library that allows you to convert currencies. It uses the API to do so. You can use it in your own projects or just use it as a library.

import / Install CurrencyNet

                $ npm install currencynet

CurrencyNet tutorial


Initialize Currencynet


Use the currencynet className


Setting up your value


Adding Dropdown option to change client currency


USING React Package

Import Currencynet

                 import { CurrencyNet } from 'currencynet'

Using Currencynet

Best pratice Using the React package

You will see that the build currency has to be declared on every declaration of the CurrencyNet jsx element, this is likely to cause a bug on your application or rather be so exhausting.

So to solve this it is best to create a component for a particular currency like the example below, either by using the children property of the deconstructed props param or having your own props property

Using Github

You can always fall back to the currencynet github`s repos for more code sample or issues
For the CDN based libray
For the React libray

All avaliable currency

Country ISO_3_CODE ClassName
Your Build Country currencynet-init